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Anne's Story

Co-founder Anne Fine experienced incredible personal growth and confidence after spending time daily simply feeding and grooming three horses over a five-month period. One specific horse she worked with over the five months initially seemed to be very reactive, but it was only mirroring her mindset and actions; as she softened, she opened up her mind and dropped her masks, and she changed. Her horse continued to mirror her as her energy changed, and today, she exudes a completely different dynamic because she learned confidence and strength as she interacted with the herd. She would not be who she is today if not for the time she spent with horses.

"In connecting with horses, I learned how to just be myself, the best me that was possible. I learned that my heart was mirrored in my horse; when I was grumpy, so was she. I learned to love the person I've always been and yet never realized I was. I now have confidence and freedom in knowing that who I am is beautiful and strong, and I will never go back to a life that embraces fear."

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