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At Brave Sky Ranch, natural horsemanship mentalities and practices are used to interact with horses for every participant, which directly influences the level of respect and knowledge a human holds for a horse. We often introduce mentored individuals to horses and foster a healthy relationship between horse and youth/family through natural horsemanship, general ranch life/activities, and human mentoring. 

We believe that friendship with horses is an incredible and unsung tool to help individuals move forward, away from past trauma and pain.


Horses desire balance, and they seem to have an innate longing to see humans move forward into balance and joy.

Benefits from a horse-human relationship can include increased communication skills, healthier relationships, greater self-confidence, lower stress and more peaceful mindset, fewer overprotective self-built heart walls, learning to change focus through mirroring, positive outlook, and feeling safe to be one's self.

Brave Sky Ranch has horses, mentors, a facility, THE DESIRE to serve and THE NEED for an organization like ours. We love to live out "Find a need, fill a need." We are always pursuing knowledge and experience, as well as looking for every opportunity to help and encourage.

Brave Sky Ranch has helped struggling local farms/ranches, assisted in other nonprofit startups, volunteered for other local nonprofit programs, mentored several young people, rescued horses, and supported local individuals and families in need. We strive to give selflessly and whole-heartedly where the needs are.

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Our History

Our History

Baier & Atlas

Our Own Stories

Our Own Stories

Baier & Anne

The Herd

The Herd

Atlas and Cash

Our Herd

Our History

Our Stories

We consider Brave Sky Ranch successful

if just ONE person has been mentored

and found hope in a life of joy.

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