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Exciting News!

Brave Sky Ranch is a mobile 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has the opportunity to move place to place, serving communities and families across the country.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns, social distancing regulations and mass panic, we’ve been restricted in serving the communities we exist to help. People need Brave Sky Ranch now more than ever, and we need your help to reach those who need us.

We have some exciting news: we’ve recently had requests for us to come and help families on the East Coast immediately, and we’d like to see that happen as soon as possible. We have secured a place for the horses and a place to operate, but we need help funding the trip. All donations will be used directly for travel without wasting a penny.

Fun fact: most “homeless” people standing on a street corner with signs have apartments in a decent part of town and bring home $50,000+ income every year - they aren’t actually homeless. People passing by are willing to give a random stranger on a street corner money without knowing how legitimate their cause is. Brave Sky Ranch is an approved IRS nonprofit and every donation is tax deductible. We are transparent with the funds we collect yearly. Please help us! How much change do you have in your car or pocket or purse? It adds up!

Things are hard right now, but consider this... if a bunch of people got together to give $1-$5 each, it adds up in the end. A thousand people giving a dollar each adds up to $1000. You probably have at least a dollar in change hiding in your purse or in your car. Think about this! Go ask around for a dollar from people you see every day, collect the funds together, and one person sends it.

We know that times are tough, and many people are financially unable to help. There are many other ways to give:

Donate your time or other resources available to you to help our cause:

-We need assistance in transporting our horses in a timely manner - do you know someone in the transport industry? Do you have the time or resources to help us drive to our next destination as a second driver or vehicle?

-Do you have valuable resources (including connections and contacts) that can help us in any way?

-Can you spread the word about our cause and our current goals to help us reach the attention of those who are able to donate?

-Can you start a social media campaign to help us raise funds through another campaign?

Any little bit helps! The quicker we can reach the East Coast, the sooner we can begin helping where it is greatly needed. They are waiting for our help!

Click here to donate online.

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