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Finding vs Seeing

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Robots,” you may have noticed that the quote “See a need, fill a need” is presented as a model to follow to help others. And for the longest time, I thought this was the best quote, and we even used it on the “About” page of Brave Sky Ranch’s website. Until today… when we came across the quote “Find a need, meet a need.” And Baier said, “You know, I think I like that concept better. We should be looking for needs, not waiting for them to reveal themselves to us.” I looked at him, and I couldn’t disagree! So we updated our website, as well as our mindset to find that need and fill it.

There are needs around us we are aware of, and our desire to fufill those needs is great - so great that we feel we cannot do enough. God leads us as we work to fill the needs around us, and there are a great many times that he tells us to “just wait.” And we struggle with just waiting because we are chomping at the bit - we want to help so badly that waiting for God’s timing seems like torture, when so many people are in need of our help! But we DO wait. And though we don’t know exactly why He wants us to wait, we trust His timing and His plan.

Our God has never let us down, and His timing has always been best for us, despite what we’ve wanted to do. He has always provided what we needed just in time for when we needed it. When we forget that truth, we stumble and crumble and everything we try to do is ineffective. Doubt leads to fear, and fear is a liar.

Even if we have to crawl to the finish line, we won’t stop working to fill the needs we find. We will never stop moving forward, but we will always wait for the one who is “funding” our work, the one who gives us what power we have, who leads us and has a say in everything we do. We work together and only God is the one that weaves Baier and me (Anne) in harmony together. When we do things ourselves, it’s cacophony. It’s awful. It’s an incredible thing to see a team working in harmony.

So, in conclusion, seeing a need and finding a need are different things - one reveals itself, the other you uncover because you’re searching for it. We are constantly on the lookout for how to help and show love to those around us. And in filling the needs we find, we are able to bravely shine the light that we’ve been filled with.

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