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Thoughts on Bravery

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Though Brave Sky Ranch was established in 2017, it has taken nearly two years to start a blog. I (Anne) resisted the suggestion to do it, since we had a lot of things happening back to back, and the thought of adding more to my plate (since I’m the writer in the family) was daunting. BUT - I admit, it was worth it. IS worth it. WILL BE worth it.

My husband and I have adopted a wonderful philosophy (which I’m ashamed to admit has NOT been the case most of my life) that “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” This embodies the spirit of Brave Sky Ranch - we do not settle for halfway. We serve consciously, deliberately, and whole-heartedly.

Two other quotes that we live by at the Ranch are “Keep moving forward” and “See a need, fill a need” (and we can thank our kids’ love of movies for those words of wisdom).

In short, Brave Sky Ranch is alive and kicking, and busier than ever in serving our community. Our hearts are huge for those who are struggling, or heartbroken, or feel “less than” (if only secretly). We have been there too. And in some ways we still struggle with these things. But the one thing we have, the one thing we long to share with others around us, is HOPE. This hope stretches us and grows us, it convinces us to be brave, and it ultimately helps us face reality with binoculars - allowing us to see past this present thunderstorm into the rainbow-pierced sky after the darkness has passed.

“Brave” is defined as “possessing or displaying courage.” “Courage” is defined as “The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or trying circumstances with self-assurance, confidence, and resolution; bravery.” It is this mindset that began our journey toward establishing Brave Sky Ranch, and toward being “as brave as the sky is big.” What is bravery? To look straight into the face of potential failure, or pain, or truth, or disappointment, and choose to keep going forward, no matter what.

So while we are moving forward, we face the storms and come out the other side more refined and beautiful. We have personally learned the value of BEING BRAVE. And THAT is what Brave Sky Ranch is all about.

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